Vice Chancellor, SUIT

In the cauldron of our national history, many a things are going pear-shaped as our tenacious enemy has created a morose weather in the country. We have been engaged in a labyrinth of clamours and confusions as if it has become a mundane fact for us. We ought not to live like this. There has to be a better day, a happier tomorrow and a hailing future full of prosperity and understanding. But this socalled utopian desire of a better world was everyman's dream earlier also. Why then it never came true? What shattered this vision which was not so much difficult to have had in concrete form? Being an academician and a citizen, if I am to blame even an iota myself for it; my answer is 'Misunderstanding of the Purpose of Education.

The supposed purpose of education, as marketed by the academia, is career advancement, higher pay, and empowering a college graduate's job search. This presents the current personal importance of education as the bureaucratic machines are still humming. More degrees, less dignity, more trading and less teaching has blurred the very purpose of education. We could not even utilize machines or understand the advent of technology. Computers are pack saddled to existing educational models in an inefficient pretence. In many institutes most technologies are used like hitching horses to a sports car. The horse drawn car does not compare favourably with traditional horse and buggy. It doesn't matter if the modern conveyance is an ignorant or intentional misapplication; it will be better to properly enjoy car and horse separately.

In any age, college degrees as requirements are replaceable but independent thinkers and visionary leaders are not. Cultivating a love for learning should become imperative for success instead of a desire to earn more and more for the kitchen. Let's stop whining and complaining about others, nothing is easier than fault finding. All it does is to discolour our personalities, so that none will want to associate with us. Let education put us in the proper sense, as extremism and terrorism do not emanate from our soil. We are the custodian of the legacy of peace as enunciated by our religion and culture. Lets become a son of the soil or a daughter of the East. Let's be imbued with a common purpose of prodigy and peace. Say Adieu! to pessimism;

Let's plough for peace and knowledge.
'A sign of live nation this is the 'Age'
From morning to evening changes their fortune's page.
From this Ego gets his grandeur a glaze
As this is the book, the rest a new phrase.

Dr. Salim ur Rehman
Professor & Vice Chancellor