Quality Enhancement Cell

Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology, in the quest to achieve higher standards of education is routed towards Quality Assurance. The guidance is attained from the regulatory authorities guiding principles laid by Higher Education Commission. We take our intellectual guidance from various sources available at hand. With the shift in paradigm for education, the whole idea of higher education has changed. However with shifts, we regrettably, maintain a status quo. Even if we intend to progress, we always follow and never initiated a take leaders position.

About Us
QEC was established in 2014 under the astute leadership of the Vice chancellor Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology. It is an imperative that Universities have to initiate formal setups for enhancing quality. This agitated the setup of a QEC department whose responsibilities include the overall quality impositions as laid down by HEC through Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

Quality is the systematic review process to determine, whether international/local learning objectives are met, equipped with the required resources. Quality education is the prerequisite for enhanced academic standards, harness future leaders, enrich academic and intellectual landscape. This in-turn will develop the whole country's image in the global arena where our competitive student body will be recognized internationally. This will help student, in their quest for a career and any further education if they intend to pursue. This effort has a strong impact on the children's response towards their social obligations, ethical conflicts, and religious biases and would equip them with the right tools for managing their lives.

The key ambition for education is its compatibility, and the creation of knowledge economy. This can only be done through sensitization of the processes, curricula, and resources, being responsive to the global changes, and proceeding with the global shift in paradigm.

The target is to create a quality culture, which can be done through capacity building (faculty, infrastructure and curricula). This can only be done through research in the field of education.
"Defining quality, setting standards and following the overall mission of the institution."
Enhancing quality to specified standards, catering education economy by developing quality culture.