Chief Minister, KPK

Education is the only mean through which we could promote our national and international harmony, maintain our national values and ensure socio-economic, scientific and technological development of the nation. This is the only way through which we can effectively create a human capital- the most essential tool to keep pace with the developed world.

Our government after coming into power is focusing on the development of the Higher Education as in today’s world; higher education is recognized as a capital investment and is of paramount importance for economic and social development of the country. Institutions of higher learning bear the main responsibility of equipping individuals with advanced knowledge, skills and expertise required for the position of responsibility in government, business and other professions.

To touch the high standards of education, the PTI-led provincial government would go all-out to have a highly educated manpower in order to tackle today’s complex problems, we are confronting with in the most crucial areas of the province. There is no doubt about the fact that without the participation of the highly qualified human resource, the processes of the economic development is very difficult to be accelerated. That is why; our government considers education the most important factor for development of our nation.

Indeed, the private sector universities of the province are actively engaged to share the burden of the public sector by catering to a greater proportion of science education which is of great significance in the prevailing circumstances. Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology is playing its due role, much in relations with the goals & expectations of our society, for what our government is serious to achieve.

The university will have to take bold initiatives in order to meet the ever changing needs of the jobs market.

I wish Sarhad Univeristy a great success.

Pervez Khattak