Department of Chemistry

Dean's Message

Higher Education Commission is the key element for economic and social development of a country. It is also a proven fact that no country has been developed without investing its capital, in human resources development in the form of higher education. Institution of higher education are responsible to play a key role in achieving it. The Universities equip individuals with advance knowledge and skills required for professional leadership in Government, Business and Industry. In my faculty of sciences, Computer Science and Information Technology, beside basic Sciences, we have programs which are of applied nature related to Information Technologies. These Programs are Electronics, Telecom and Computer Science, where we offer BS, MSc and MS leading to Ph.D degree. The rapid development in the means of communication and digital revolution has changed the world into a global village in real sense. The economies are globalized and internationalized, irrespective of the I.T.O rules. Even the cultural exchanges are taking places without the exchange of people through international boundaries.
In this era of internationalization, the importance of the institution of the higher education of High Tech has increased to a wider range at Sarhad University. We are very conscious of this fact. The globalization on one hand requires the professionalism of international standard in Technology use and on the other hand multicultural personality growth. This demand for lifelong learning capabilities from an individual. At SUIT we care for all the above aspect and we designed our courses which provide opportunity for skill development futuristic to build up and social grooming to care for humanity. Our high qualified faculty plays an important role in achieving the desire results through hard work and with personal dedication in friendly manner.
The technology programs that we offer in our Faculty are all linked to international job Market in the field of Information Technology. We always tailor our programs according to new development in the high Tech areas and in lines with Pakistan higher education policy. For this reason many of our taught courses are designed with a view to meet the current employment needs. We keep upgrading our courses according to future development and changes that are coming in Technology. All of these programs are extremely important and very much related to one another; therefore very flexible for students to transfer from one program to another after fourth or fifth semester. There for coming to the Department of Computer Science will give you opportunity to choose your field of specialization in computer science, Electronics or Telecom Engineering. The different modes of studies described above exist to accommodate and complement individual carrier paths. I am sure that, your choice of Faculty of Science in SUIT will be a success story of your future because knowledge and information are power. At Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology we will empower you with knowledge and keep you informed.
Dr. Nazir Shah Khattak
Mission and Vision
The Department of Chemistry, the sole department of chemical sciences in private sector was established in year 2009 at Sarhad University of Science & IT, a highest ranked public university of KPK. The department strives to be a nationally-recognized model for educating and graduating students prepared to contribute to boosting up the socio economic growth of the country and to compete the ever-changing and globally emerging technologies of the 21st century. We also endeavor to contribute to a chemically literate society through teaching (with classrooms, labs, and research).
The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to advance the chemical sciences through educating graduate and postgraduate students by providing them with well furnished classroom, well equipped labs and state of the art equipmentā€™s. The department provides rigorous preparation of citizens whose career paths require expertise in chemistry.
In support of our mission the Chemistry Department faculty members are committed to:
To supervise and guide graduate & postgraduate students in undertaking their R& D projects.
Providing them with educational and research opportunities between chemistry and other fields of study.
Promote innovative curriculum and exposing students to advanced instrumentation and emerging technology.