Department of Bio Technology/Microbiology

Dean's Message

Dear Students, welcome to the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Sarhad University of Science & IT Peshawar.This department was established in 2011. Admission to this department privilege, which imposes a great responsibility on you. It must be remembered that the money spent by your parents on your education is earned by the sweat and toil by your parents who deny themselves all the pleasure and comforts of life to make your future.

You owe it to yourself and parents, to take full advantage of this opportunity and fully equip yourself with latest knowledge in the field. Only by hard work and sense of dedication you can re-pay to some extent the debt that you owe to your parents.

In response to increasing needs of better microbiological & Biotechnological skills in hospitals, research organization and industry the department has well equipped laboratories to cater the needs of teaching as well as practical requirements. Moreover, University library is sufficiently stocked with recent books almost all topics and subjects in Pharmacy. Recently as part of up-gradation program Beside this library, the Department of Pharmacy, possesses HEC on-line digital library linked to a considerable number of world renowned libraries. The department has faculty members having PhD, MPhil, Masters, Degrees with extensive teaching and professional experience. The program is approved by relevant bodies and HEC.

I hope you will take advantage of every minute you spend in the Department and be a part of the learning community. I wish you all success in your life and a very bright future.
Mission and Vision
The Department was established in June 2011 with an objective of imparting quality education in the multidisciplinary fields of Microbiology & Biotechnology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
The core competencies of the program are to develop skills which are both job oriented and problem solving. The department of Microbiology and Biotechnology apart from imparting state of the art theoretical basis to the students also focuses on the practical aspects of various discipline with in the subject.
Postgraduate programs focuses on understanding, developing and investigation of antimicrobial activities among microorganisms, interaction of pathogens with host, designing measures to deal with pollutants employing microorganisms and production, purification, characterization and up-scaling of microbial products of industrial significance.
Graduates of Microbiology and Biotechnology usually get employment in well-known research and development institutions of Pakistan. Countless opportunities are available in clinical laboratories, research institutes and teaching institutions.