Prof Dr.Arunas Emeljanovas

(Lithuanian )

Prof. Dr. Arunas Emeljanovas is working as associate Professor, Department of Health, Physical and Social Education, Lithuanian Sports University, Lithuania. He is an author of over 40 publications, published in international scientific journals and about 20 on Web of Science (Thompson Reuters) data base with Impact Factor.He has been invited as a guest professor and keynote speaker at more than 80 universities/ institutions and international conferences worldwide. His main research interest focuses on Physical fitness and physical activity of adolescents; issues on school physical education.

Dr. Arunas Emeljanovas remained as an evaluator and supervisor of different PhD students in Latvia and Estonia. He is a member of Scientific Expert Commission of Latvian Council of Science and also member of several international scientific institutions: like: FIEP, ENSSEE, INSHS, CEREPS.