EPICSSPE will also organize 3 workshops on 4th and 5th October, 2017 on the following themes.

a. 4th/5th October: Training Workshop for Special Persons, by Prof. Dr. Joel Gaillard, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France (For Physical Educationists, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Teachers and Coaches of Special Education).

b. 4th/5th October: Training Workshop on Breast Cancer in Women, its effects and rehabilitation, by Prof. Dr. Fernandez Ortega Jairo Alejandro, Bogota- Colombia (For Doctors, Physical Educationists, Nurses, Physiotherapists).

c. 4th/5th October: Role of Educational Institutional in Promoting Sports and Physical Activities by Prof. Dr. Abdul Waheed Mughal, Dean Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Education with Reps of POA, PSB, HEC and Universities (for Heads of Local Educational Institutional).

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