President of Pakistan

Globalization and Information Technology continue to process at a dramatic pace. To answer the demand of a changing society, Pakistan’s higher education system needs to shift its focus from individuals who simply absorb knowledge to those who are able to creatively utilize knowledge to excel in unfamiliar situations. These creative individuals should be able to track situation from new perspective, break into new field excel in crisis management, and be rich in ingenuity.

The role of a university is to diligently perform the duty of imparting high quality education while at the same time maintaining strong links with society. Stress in the high quality education is of the essence because the battle of life cannot be won with the cheap degrees which are like wooden armour. Private university should therefore devote themselves to nurturing creative individuals and must continue in this tradition, raising leader who are able to carry Pakistan into the future. I am confident that the SUSIT has geared programme towards this end.

There are no shortcuts to success. We have to develop high standards on ethical, social, economic and scientific front. Such developments do not take place spontaneously; these demand hardwork, discipline, dedication and commitment. I hope that the SUSIT is taking all measures to inculcate these values in the students.

I wish Sarhad Univeristy a great success.

Mamnoon Hussain