Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)

ORIC stands for Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization. The purpose of establishing ORIC is to create research culture in the university and promote academia-industry linkages. ORIC provides the much-needed platform for research and development by bringing in all research activities under one roof. Instead of working individually, ORIC encourages collaboration among individuals and organizations for creating a visible social impact.

ORIC in Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology will strive to play a lead role in research and development nationally and make its presence felt internationally.
The purpose of ORIC at Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology is to provide an enabling environment to all stakeholders—individual researchers, industry, and government organizations—to work collaboratively for creating new ideas and putting them into practice for the benefit of all concerned. The ORIC at SUIT will serve all stakeholders with focus on the following values:
  • Originality of research
  • Adherence to international quality standards
  • Conviction of social service
  • Collaboration and cooperation